Family Life


Do we count?

Stop counting the number of steps I take in a day at work (5500 for those who think library staff sit and read books all day)

Stop counting my years on this earth ( now just past the half century mark which our teenage son gets a kick out of reminding me)

Stop counting the days since my last period ( a wild swing from 20 to 50 as my declining hormones can’t figure themselves out)

Stop counting my credit score, bank account, and savings (stable with room for growth)

Stop counting the days since my husband and I last made love( 7 since we are usually tired these days)

Stop counting my hours worked, sick leave and vacation leave balance( it’d be nice if hours worked and vacation leave were reversed!)

Stop counting how many times I remind my guys of chores to be done around our home (too many)

Stop counting the days of continuous rain ( 6 as of this writing)

Stop counting the views of my blog ( enough to keep me writing)

Stop counting my notifications and screen time ( I think I’ll just turn that off)

Stop counting how many times we didn’t cook dinner this week but did take out(more than we used to)

Stop counting the things that make me feel less than the worthy person I am.

Stop counting the things that remind me I’m not as young and energetic as I used to be.

Let me count the things that show my wisdom.

Let me count the things that show my grace and strength.

Start counting that my husband and I always share a tender goodnight, and it’s the favourite part of our day.

Start counting that my teenage son happily looks after my vehicle for me

Start counting the strong relationships I’ve built.

Start counting the times that my husband and I easily come back together after we scrap.

Start counting the number of times I’m kind to people who need a boost to their day.

Start counting those who are willing to help me when I need it.

Start counting the things that can’t be counted with a number. Love. Comfort. Belonging. Grace.

Start counting the uncountable.