Brain Injury

An offering to you

Soak in the compassion your heart is thirsty for

My fellow warriors, who were unwittingly inducted into the “I’m a spouse of a brain injury survivor” hall of fame, I have a message just for you today.

I understand that each day you don’t know if you won or lost, only that you must rise again to meet the next foe. You return home, battle scarred, torn, disshevelled, and weary, dragging your sword behind you, your shield hanging limply by your side. But there’s no hero’s welcome. No flowers. No parade.

I offer honour to this private part of you . I see your daily battles to protect your family at all costs. I weep with you. For your pain. For your losses. For the bruises to your spirit and the wounds to your heart. May you be loved for all you are. You fight valiantly and both win and lose.

Leave your sword and shield for a moment. Soak in the compassion your heart is thirsty for. I see you and I welcome you home. You are safe.

Yours in compassion,


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